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Standing Males

D282 2 Standing Males, Red Chalk and Pencil on Cream Paper, 12 x 9 in.,  c. 1965, $1,500.00


D281 Sheep, Red Chalk on Cream Paper, 16 x 16½ in., 1972, $1,250.00

Study for The Resurrection

D276 Study for The Resurrection, Red Chalk and Graphite and Brown Ink Wash on White Paper, 11½ x 7 in., c. 1971, $2,750.00

Four Studies for Christ

D274 Four Studies for Christ, Pen and Brown Ink and Wash and Red Chalk on White Paper, 14 x 11 in., c. 1971, $1,250.00

Figure of Christ

D273 Figure of Christ, Red Chalk on White Paper, 14 x 10¾ in., c. 1971, $1,500.00

Roman Soldier with St. Paul

D269 Roman Soldier with St. Paul, Brown Ink and Graphite on White Paper, 14 x 10½ in., c. 1989, $2,000.00